Customs Info

Here's my rules and other info you might need

I will keep my list as updated as possible so check it if you would like to know the status of your items. It will probably be faster than emailing me. :)

If you purchased a custom slot through HC, your deposit is only a deposit for a slot in my customs list. If you are sending me yarn for a YYMN slot, please be considerate on the fact that there may be other people waiting in line to have wooly goodness knitted as well. (aka if I get someone else's yarn before yours I will start theirs first no matter which order you are all in on the list.)

Payment is due IN FULL for semi-custom (MYMN) slots before I start working. Payment is due IN FULL for YYMN slots before I ship. I will send you pictures of your items along the way, normally when I am about half done and at the end for your approval.

I wash and block (and lanolize cloth diaper covers) all items before they leave my house. If you prefer that I use unscented wool wash and/or do not want your items lanolized please advise me of this before I'm ready to ship.

Shipping is by USPS Priority with DC to U.S. and first-class to Canada. Your quoted price will include shipping charges. If you would like insurance please let me know I am not responsible for the post office.